Dollar General Survey – for $1000 Prize

Now Dollar General Survey is providing one in a blue moon chance to win a reward of cash amount $1000.This reward can win by anyone with the help of Dollar General Survey, which will get you free entry to   Sweepstakes.

Dot Dollar General Store is organizing a survey to get to know their loyal customer’s feedback and also bout their customer satisfaction level, which is really valuable for them.The Dollar General Survey is available on

Dollar General Survey –

Dollar General Survey
Dollar General Survey

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All the customers and clients can provide their individual feedback based on their customer’s satisfaction, cleanliness of the place, quality of the product, easiness in purchase and payment, staff behavior and environment in the outlet.

Story Behind Dollar General Survey Success:

Dollar General Survey
Dollar General Survey

The establishment of the dollar general is an interesting story that proves that you can succeed in life if you work hard, even with limited education.

It was June 1st of 1955 when James Luther and his only son Cal Turner founded a company in collaboration In Springfield of Kentucky.

Founder’s father, James Luther, never received formal education. This was because when he was young, then his father died, who forced him to help his family instead of going to school.

For ten years, James was a salesman who had a grocery trip before buying a house with his family and settling in Kentucky.

It was during the Great Depression of America, and James Luther had the mind. He took initiatives to see depression as an opportunity rather than a shock.

During this time period, they seized the opportunity to buy and sell bankrupt shops. His son was able to see and learn business skills during this time.

The father-son duo team ultimately saved enough money to open their own general store. The pair opened JL Turner and Son wholesale in the year 1939, each of which kept the initial $ 5,000 to store to bring it to the ground.

His venture was very successful with more than $ 2 million in sales up to 1950. This prompted him to open the first dollar general store in 1955, and people liked it very much.

When the sale went through the roof, they changed all their stores to the dollar general, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 1968, four years after James Luthor’s passing, the company’s annual sales grew by more than $ 40 million, and gained $ 1.5 million per year.

The Dollar General also became public in 1968 and now has more than 14,000 storefront worldwide. In 2002, the dollar general posted $ 6 billion in sales, and continued to grow.

With the opening of their 13,000th store, the team of DG Customer First completed a celebration with fairly themed yellow and black balloons, as well as happy employees cut a special celebration ribbon.

DG wants to ensure that its customers remain happy with its great deals and service. They want to be the # 1 option for every person who is looking for a cheap shopping option.

To make it successful, the DG series provides a DG Customer First survey where the customer can give the series feedback that they can use to improve the future customer experience and In return, the customer gets a sweepstake entry where he can win $ 100 gift card

Dollar General Survey Rule & Regulations:

  1. The customer age should be 18 or more.
  2. A single candidate can take part in the survey only once in a week.
  3. All of the rewards can only be utilize at DG store.
  4. Should be the citizen of USA or the city of Columbia.

How Dollar General Survey Works: Login Step by Step?

  1. Log on to the official website of Dollar General Customer Survey
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. There is a 15 digit code mentioned at the bottom of the purchase receipt put it on the website.
  4. Now the actual survey starts from here.
  5. Provide your honest and loyal opinion of DG Store and give appropriate feedback.
  6. Enter the sweepstakes and press ‘YES’, also add your personal information over there.
  7. Now, you have completed the survey and you have entered the Sweepstakes to win $1000 cash reward.

Survey Participation by Mail:

If you want to approach via the mail, then it is not necessary that you purchase something. So, to go further you will have to write it by hand and send via mail.

What are the things to be taken care of?

The details of full name, email address, residential address (no PO Box allowed), Phone no. and Date of birth which is mentioned on 3.5X5″ card should be entered.

And after writing the details, mail it to:‘Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box 251328 West Bloomfield MI, 48325.

Dollar General Survey Coupon Policy:

As per the latest update which was done on April 2018 General Dollar revised their coupon policy.

  • Only original coupons are accepted, any kind of photocopies are not allowed.
  • The coupons should be visible and valid expiration date should be stated. No expired coupons are accepted.
  • The barcode must be scalable else the coupon will be rejected.
  • Maximum number of coupons allowed per item is two.
  • There is a limit of 5 similar coupons per household per day, if it is specifically noted as no limit.
  • Coupons for free items are only valid if the purchase is required to get one free.
  • Coupons can only be redeemed if the item is purchased from Dollar General.

Now you are updated with all the latest information regarding Dollar General Survey and you can enter the survey and complete it without any kind of interruption of difficulties. Also, you get the free entry in the Sweepstakes to win a reward of $1000 cash money. Moreover, you can provide right ratings in the following format as ‘Highly Satisfies’, Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied’, ‘Dissatisfied’, ‘Highly dissatisfied’. This way you can successfully finish the survey in a right format.

Want Customer Support? Contact Dollar General

Participating the Dollar General Survey, if you are having any issues related to access even though you have gone through the instructions mentioned you above, then in that case you have the option to connect with the customer support department of Dollar General.

You have two options: on is directly via Contact no. and another is via the query form present on the contact us page of Dollar General.

If you go with the contact form, you will have to fill all the details asked there before you place your query like your name, Phone number, order number, residential address, Postal Code, Email address, Subject of contact and the query.

To call for voice support you can opt via 877-463-1553.

You can also get the alert of offers and coupon directly via text SMS for that type SIGNUP and sent it to 34898.

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Final Verdict

The above article totally focuses on Dollar General Survey on or One can log on to it and win the deserving reward. In case of any queries hit the comment section below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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