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We will be discussing about the MyConverseVisit and all the information related to it.

The company of Converse was created and founded in 1908 in Massachusetts in the city of Malden. Converse was called as Converse Rubber Shoe before the name was changed into converse. The company started with just the initial capital amount of $250,000.



When the company started its business the initial years were really profitable. This was because when the company started producing and selling basketball shoes in the year 1917. This was the year when the company got really famous and in the year of 1921, the person named Chuck Taylor provided his name to the sneakers that were created by Sneakers and all this created Converse as the great basketball shoes for the time.


In the Time of early 70s, Converse created a huge diversity in their products and gave the option of producing different products like hockey pucks and sport shoes plus teeth guards and industrial boots also.

They divided their sales in three categories in: Footwear, Industrial and Sporting Goods. Convers is a great company and provided the customers with great resources and we will be discussing about the MyConverseVisit or Converse Consumer Survey.

Converse gives you the great possibility to interact with their customers and take their feedback. For that Converse gives the Converse Consumer Feedback Survey.  

Today Converse is subsidiary of Nike Inc. and runs under its own power to sustain the best for the people by providing them with sneakers. Converse Serves in all major countries with its sneakers.

During WWII the company moved from making shoes for Public and started making shoes for the military.

Requirements for MyConverseVisit or Converse Consumer Survey:

  • A working and fast internet connection for MyConverseVisit
  • Either knowledge of languages that include English or Spanish or Both for completion of survey.
  • A smartphone, Tablet, or a PC or laptop.
  • A receipt that you get from the Converse Store that has the appropriate information for survey.
  • Lastly the time of 20 minutes that you need to give for the survey for completing Converse Consumer Feedback Survey.

How to perform the Converse Consumer Survey:

Converse has created the survey for the customers so that the customers can get the best experience from consumer for that they have their Online Portal for the best results. Here is how you can perform the survey that you need to perform:

  • Go to the main website for the survey of MyConverseVisit the website is
  • Then you have the option for selection of Language that you want to perform the survey in i.e. in English or Spanish for Converse Customer Survey
  • Then enter the Time and date or the date that you get from the receipt of Converse that you get from the last purchase. Then fill Date, Time and the transaction number.
  • Then you need to fill the required information as shown on the website and answer the questions that will be presented to you.
  • You have completed the survey for myconversevisit

Contact details For MyConverseVisit or Converse Consumer Survey:

  • Call: (800) 467- 0047
  • Email Support:

More Details:

Final Verdict:

Today we had a discussion about the Converse Feedback Survey on MyConverseVisit and talked about how to perform it and what about Converse.

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