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Weis Market is the best supermarket. Weis needs to know what its customer think about him, and www.weisfeedback.com also wants to know about the level of improvement required in the services or the product delivery. In this article you will know about how to perform the survey and how to can you get the chance of winning $2 credit from the Weis Market Survey. To know about the weisfeedback, read on the article.



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Weis market was started in 1912 by two brothers and they operated it only on cash basis. There are 165 stores located throughout in New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland etc. Since then, they are providing remarkable discount and winning the heart of the people.

The company focuses on the customer’s feedback, their overall experience, and tries to shape more the needs and requirements by providing the overall satisfaction changes or improvement.

Basic requirements to conduct Weisfeedback survey

To participate in the Weis feedback you need some basic requirements like

  • the computer or the laptop,
  • internet connection
  • Receipt of your last visit to Weis Market.
  • Your few minutes valuable time.
  • The survey would also require a valid telephone number and an email address.
  • You should be 18 years of age or above.

www.weisfeedback.com – How to perform Weisfeedback survey?


By providing your survey you can have a chance of winning the $2 credit from the Weis feedback. Some questionnaire will be available on the website page, you just need to take out some time and answer them. To participate in the Weis feedback survey you can follow the steps given below-

  • Get your smartphone or the laptop having proper internet connection.
  • Open the browser and type the given below website homepage in the search bar of the URL. www.weisfeedback.com
  • The survey page will be opened on the website.
  • Enter all the details required like your location number, time and date of your visit, your contact number, email address etc.
  • Click on the Start button. This will begin your survey.
  • The survey consists of 10-15 questions.
  • Try to answer all the questions genuinely and provide the feedback to the best of your knowledge on considering your latest shopping experience.
  • On completing the survey, you will get special code. Keep this coupon code safe. You can get $2 credit into your reward card on answering by using this code.

You should keep in mind that the code can be used within 30 days of the survey. And you can get this $2 credit on your purchase of $40 or more. Now you can successfully perform the survey.

www.weisfeedback.com – Contact Details

  • Weis survey URL: www.weisfeedback.com
  • Weis website: https://www.weismarkets.com/
  • Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey rules: https://onlinekmc.com/Downloads/CustomDownloads/RFG%20Privacy%20Policy.pdf

More Details:


The website www.weisfeedback.com of the Weisfeedback would like to know about the service of the company from its customers. On providing the feedback, the customers have the chance of winning the $2 credit on the next shopping at the Weis market store within 30 days.

We hope that this article was useful to you. You can write your experience about the Weis feedback survey in the comment section below.



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