Are Online Survey Jobs Legit

The Internet has been a source of many different kinds of jobs and professional activities. It is also a medium through which a business can obtain customer feedback and can improve itself based on the opinions of common people. Numerous market research companies are nowadays recruiting people from across the world for their surveys. The rewards for the survey-takers may include cash rewards, freebies, gift cards, products, and other kinds of rewards.


More and more companies are now using the internet for expanding their reach and to research more about the markets and customers. In the prevailing scenario, the online survey jobs and smaller gigs can provide good amounts of money if done and followed regularly. The survey jobs can be a source of quick cash and a good way to utilize your free time as well. However, these survey jobs may not make any person rich. Many of the survey jobs are also available on the apps. Therefore you can complete a survey by filling it while on the go and get the cash or any other reward by using your mobile or smartphone only.

Remember that there is a quota or a certain amount of surveys that the member of a survey website and panel may fill and take. Therefore there may not be any or an endless number of surveys available to be filled on a given website at any given point in time. To get the most out of the survey jobs, you, therefore, need to join credible and numerous survey websites. Access these websites regularly in your free time, fill in the surveys, and you will be able to generate a good amount of cash rewards by being regular, and by using your membership of the different survey websites.


The surveys jobs and the money earning proposition in this type of work may not be the same as other professional and full-time jobs. There is some unpredictability involved with the availability of surveys, and therefore earning money here may not always be certain. For instance, on one day a person may get multiple invitations for the surveys and may not have enough time available to complete all of them. On some other day, he/she may have fewer options available. Also, one may not qualify for all the surveys that are made available. Therefore, while these survey gigs and jobs may provide fast cash, they may not be well suited for being a primary source of income.


Taking surveys and earning money through it should be a supplement to an existing and stable income. While it may be theoretically possible to be a full-time survey-taker, it is not a recommended work and profession to attain financial stability in life.However, you can also add more legitimacy and certainty to your survey jobs by following the tips given below.

BE A MEMBER AT A DOZEN OR MORE SURVEY PANELS: when you want to earn some extra cash by filling surveys, you need to first join the paid survey websites and platforms. These websites are also called “panels”. Do you want an answer to the question “ARE ONLINE SURVEY JOBS LEGIT?” There may always be some crooks around. To be sure, you can search the internet for the reputed, well-rated, and well-established websites and survey panels, which have good reviews and digital footprints. Joining a legitimate survey panel is free of cost, and you are not required to pay anything. Joining and membership may only take a few minutes.

BE VERSATILE: the survey opportunities may be far greater in number when compared to other kinds of research assignments. However, you can also sign up to the mystery shops, the online video surveys, and the taste-testing gigs and jobs to be extra sure of generating income through multiple means. However, the latter assignments may be having more barriers to entry and it may take extra efforts to qualify for them. On the brighter side, they pay you higher.

PREFERRED THE LOCAL PANELS: using smaller and local panels that operate within your country and region can bring to you more benefits. You would easily qualify to participate in the surveys here due to your citizenship and location. Also, the local panels are known to pay higher when compared to the worldwide-available survey panels. While you may not get that many surveys on the local and smaller panels, the higher pay does make for an attractive proposition. For best results, you may have a mix of either of the platforms and panels.

PREFER THE SURVEY APPS: the survey panels and websites also have their applications that are available for free and can be downloaded to a smartphone in seconds. These apps can be found on the Apple iOS iTunes store and the Android Play Store. When you download the app you may get notifications, which will help you to view and complete most numbers of surveys within the deadline. You can also complete a survey on an app and smartphone while being on the go. Therefore you can keep earning while you are traveling on a bus or when you are waiting for an appointment!

BE REGULAR: many of the legitimate paid survey panels and websites push the survey opportunities almost daily on their platforms. Therefore, you should ensure that you should log into your membership portals and websites every day. It will help you view and fill the surveys more regularly, which would provide for or relatively stable income that may be significantly higher as well when compared to what you would obtain if you are not regular.

DO NOT IGNORE THE GIFT CARDS: many of the surveys may bring to you gift cards such as the Amazon voucher or the Walmart e-code. Remember that these gift cards can be quite useful and you can purchase a variety of products and items using these at the online or offline retail marketplaces. The Visa gift cards can be used at many offline as well as online stores. What more you can sell your gift cards for cash as well.


Online surveys are nowadays a popular way to earn money online and the extra bucks may help you in many different life activities. The survey work and jobs may provide some extra peace of mind and may help you pay some end-of-the-month bills as well. However, it is important to choose legitimate websites and platforms for survey-filling and to have some other primary source of income. Adopting the measures, you will get the best of the two worlds. While you would be able to utilize your time and make extra bucks, you can also pursue your career and profession and have a permanent, predictable, and stable source of income.