The Best 21 Top Online Survey Sites

Earning from the comfort of home is a gift. Yes, you shall earn online by doing survey jobs for a decent income. The popularity of survey sites has been growing nowadays. You shall learn about 21 top online survey sites in the following paragraphs. These survey sites fetch you a decent income with your little time and effort. The following 21 sites stand atop for being the best survey sites online.

Let us see those sites as follows


This site is a popular reward site fetching you better earnings. You shall earn by doing surveys online. The surveys you do are of high quality with a decent income. Asides from doing surveys, the worker shall earn through video watching, and playing games.

Survey Junkie

This survey site is considered a top-notch earning place for many online workers. The site offers a good income with quality surveys. The minimum payout feature and reward as points are major highlights of the site. Yes, you shall earn rewards as points by finishing each survey.


This survey site is yet another popular earning place for many online workers. You shall earn money for watching videos and playing games like Swagbucks. The surveys are easy to do, and you shall earn money for finishing every survey. You shall cash out more by doing decent surveys.


The total members of the site are plenty when compared. This site offers many attractive ways to earn money online. You shall earn a decent income by mini polls, and product testing asides from doing surveys online. You shall earn points by finishing surveys.


This site has been fulfilling online workers’ demands to the core. Many earning opportunities for a member of this site are available. The ways such as watching videos, doing surveys, playing games, and also shopping. Yes, you shall cash out easily because you have many ways to earn money.

Vindale Research

Yet another versatile Vindale Research survey site that has delivered more than $8 million to its members so far. The survey site is popular among many online workers. The payout sizes of the site are remarkable, and so many new members are enrolling on the site.


This survey site is yet another popular earning site for plenty of members. The members earn money by doing surveys with a very simple registration process. Gift cards and cash are earned by doing surveys successfully. Besides doing surveys, watching videos and offers completion are other techniques for you to earn money.

Pinecone Research

Another simple survey site for members who want to earn a lot of money is Pinecone Research. The minimum cashout level and simple survey site takes only 15 minutes, gives you mind-blowing satisfaction. You will receive surveys by invitation which you are qualified.

Panda Research

It is another popular website that offers a good cashout for online workers is Panda Research. The member shall earn more than 50$ per survey. This survey site is free and easy to register for any member. You will receive surveys based on your demographics.

Opinion Inn

You shall be eligible to get more surveys from the Opinion Inn site. This site sends you surveys based on your profile and demographics. You shall fill in the profile details completely for your survey invitation. You have got the advantage of joining the site, which is a bonus incentive.

Ipsos i-Say Panel

This is another survey site owned by Ipso for conducting surveys. This survey site collects data from the users and uses it for their analysis. The site offers a low payout program with loyalty features to the users. The site gains momentum due to its interesting features.

Branded Surveys

This is an exceptional survey site meant for brands and companies. The companies that participate in the survey site are collecting data for their research purpose. Mostly, the companies are fortune 500 companies. Based on the research and data collected, big companies make business decisions.


This survey site gives an easy entry to most of the customers who sign in. You shall get surveys easily and earn money for the same. You have got good customer support a day fully. You have got the facility to redeem the points entered via PayPal.

Survey Club

You shall join the site freely without any restrictions. The main feature of the site is that you shall get a lot of surveys with low features and high payment. You shall feel easy to finish the survey without any hassle. it is another popular site for customers.

Opinion Outpost

You shall create a profile with your basic features. The details in the profile match you with the requirement for the survey companies. Easy surveys with a good income to give you better satisfaction. Rating and filling in the surveys make you awesome.

American Consumer Opinion

Many online workers have rated this site the number one in their list due to quality work and decent income. This site is one of the wide popular sites across the globe with good ratings. The points you earn are used for cash awards.

Valued Opinions

Lots of online members have enrolled on the site. The reward program is awesome for the customers who joined. Earned points are redeemed for cash awards.


This site occupies the best position in the list of best survey sites available on the web. Points are earned after completing the survey site. You can earn for your survey question posted on the survey site.


The members of the site qualitatively get many surveys. You shall finish the survey based on the profile you have filled earlier.

VIP Voice

You shall earn reward points after filling the survey site. Yet another good survey site for you.


Yet an important survey site to government and other institutions that are involved in research and analysis about the public.

Wrapping It Up

The above 21 top online survey sites, list suits your demand and expectations of earning money online.